HUBMODE : agile and accessible training at the service of tomorrow’s textile creation

HUBMODE : agile and accessible training at the service of tomorrow’s textile creation

Founded by Annick Jehanne and Alain Boge, HUBMODE is the first company to offer professional training to European fashion and textile companies in the form of MOOC (massive open online course). Accredited training organization, its mission is to train employees and self-employed workers to enable them to acquire all the necessary skills to adapt to the current context and to meet the major economic, social and environmental issues of the textile industry. It relies on a collaborative network of 30 experienced experts in all the fashion trades. One of its main objectives is to make quality training accessible to all, from large groups to small businesses, independent creators and retraining people.

Anchored in the Social and Solidarity Economy by the missions it carries and the values it defends, HUBMODE, which now has 37 members, has chosen to redistribute its profits in training sponsorship. Several MOOCs are offered free of charge. Partner of UAMEP label on access to training, an eco-design project is currently being prepared around the central issue: “how to ensure security, trust and traceability in the world of fashion while building on a viable and sustainable business model ?”

The MOOCs offered by HUBMODE thus constitute a real lever of change for the fashion and textile sector, which, in order to evolve towards a more responsible paradigm, urgently needs agile training for all of its players and at all levels of the industry’s value chain. Faced with these challenges, HUBMODE now wants to strengthen its equity by integrating new members and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Spark Up platform, offering equity investments from 100 euros. Proof that sustainable investment, like training, can also be accessible and innovative.

Ethical fashion at GoodPlanet Foundation

Ethical fashion at GoodPlanet Foundation

Dedicated to ecology and humanism, the GoodPlanet Foundation, was founded in 2005 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand to raise awareness of these issues to the widest possible audience through artistic projects. It is also at the initiative of major solidarity and environmental projects in several countries. Since 2017, it has invested in the Domaine de Longchamp in Paris, where several thematic events are organized, in addition to the permanent programming (all information here).

18th and 19th of November 2017 will be dedicated to ethical fashion, in partnership with Universal Love and Fashion Revolution, to show that it is possible to dress a different way, in respecting Human and environment. In the rich program (vacuum-dressing, exhibition, textile workshops, designer market, projections, etc…), on Sunday 19th at 3pm the label Une Autre Mode Est Possible will speak about the launch of the label and the issues of sustainable creation. Arielle Levy, founder of the label, will come with ambassador members W.Y.L.D.E. and Noemie Devime, and our partner Stephanie from The New Wardrobe for a moment of friendly exchange and a quiz on ethical fashion.

En mode éthique : s’habiller en respectant l’Homme et la planète



After months of work, today we launch the label Une Autre Mode Est Possible (UAMEP)
that musters independent textile designers around  ecodesign and eco-frugality.

Months spent in thinking, searching, questioning, sharing, finding words and images to express it.

This label comes up in a context where, particularly these last two years, new initiatives based on ecodesign, responsible fashion and slow-living are blossoming all around.

In this very rich and stimulating effervescence, yet, not so easy to find a place,…

NOT THAT EASY to find a real consistency at each level of the value chain
(from textile raw material production to final consumption act),
because it is not enough to chose organic cotton or “made in Europe” labels to be in a process of really responsible design or consumption.
By definition, ecodesign is a transversal process that applies from A to Z.
It is a question of substance, not only of form.
Before all, it is a state of mind, a way of being.

NOT THAT EASY to muster around true values and a common signature
respecting the personalities and sensibilities of each.
Yet this is the precise essence of an independent label :
muster without misrepresenting and building a consistent collective from diversity.

NOT THAT EASY either, despite the intimate conviction that this is a model for the future, to defend an independent and local model, valuing proximity, interculturality and intergenerationality, in a world where large structures are concentrated and become more and more uniform and where social bonds are dematerialized and lose their meaning.

NOT THAT EASY to adopt a daily eco-frugal approach, always trying to prune the superfluous and only keep the essential and taking care of the resources. Not that easy to slow down, to learn, to become aware of one’s paradoxes and to overcome them, in a society that is always going faster.

However, In the middle of all those constructive obstacles though necessary to the emergence of new projects, human, emotional and artistic evidences exist.

The UAMEP label take its roots from these evidences

These evidences made us wish to mutualize the fruits of the field actions we are individually leading since numerous years, be it ecodesign, business models, design, writing, artistic creation… and to continue this empirical research work together : explore, observe, analyze, cross-check, re-pace the ground, meet people, share, get rich.

These evidences are driving us each day in our questionning and in the actions we take to try and make things change. These evidences help us create and make us be.

We are, you are, Une Autre Mode Est Possible. *

* Another Fashion is Possible


Les Recuperables : solidarity upcycling

Les Recuperables : solidarity upcycling

KOTIDIENNE is the new collection of the ecodesigned garments brand Les recuperables. This line is made of a range of “Ks” : Kipants, Kiplisse, Kiva, Kantic, Klickbag. A true autumn success where bordeaux, almond green, electric blue, flowers and tiles meet. With  as basis (as it is since the creation of the brand by Anaïs Dautais Warmel, child of the world, talented artistic director and slow-wear militant), the principles of upcycling and ecodesign : all secondhand textiles,found in resource centers and textile recycling networks. The confection is then given to small Parisian craftsmen and reintegration workshops. Produce from what exists, support solidarity, preserve the ressources by reinventing the garment,… That’s how fashion could slowly change this World,…

MADE & MORE : female entrepreneurship

MADE & MORE : female entrepreneurship

Made & More is first of all an entrepreneurial project held by a fighting and solar woman, Stephanie Fellen. Within 4 years, she step by step managed to impose the brand as a flagship of young responsible creation in Belgium.
Her belief “fashion with respect” resonates in each of her capsule collections, that are all made in Europe in family workshops, with very beautiful, rigorously chosen ecological materials.
There’s nothing else to capture the soul of a project, to delve into the personality, tastes and sources of inspiration of its creator.
With Stephanie we did the exercise of the Chinese portrait to dive into the human essence of Made & More… To read here.

W.Y.L.D.E. : eco-conception without compromise

W.Y.L.D.E. : eco-conception without compromise

The ethical ready-to-wear and up-cycling W.Y.L.D.E brand is the perfect illustration of what textile ecodesign is. The manufacturing process of ultra design pieces of the brand is irreproachable, buttons and labels all entirely made in France, from 100% recycled materials, garments manufactured in Parisian area, total transparency among the whole value chain. A decidedly engaged and humanitarian brand, brought by the energy, the latent and the sweetness of Clarissa Acario, founder and AD, and those of Marylene Magnaud, communication et development director.

W.Y.L.D.E. history intrinsically linked to an adventure made of nice happenings of Clarissa who left her birth country Brazil to come and accomplish her designer’s studies in France. Initially, this should just have been a few months stay. Finally she stayed. Read her fabulous destiny on