Une Autre Mode Est Possible


Federates entrepreneurs and designers who, confronted with the changes in industry and the acceleration of lifestyles and consumption, have decided to create a label (non profit organization under Law 1901) to embody an alternative path : that of independent creation as economic, social, environmental and an artistic language.

Operates in a nomad and and agile way on the basis of the pooling of expertise, experiences and networks to implement a whole chain of actors and values ​​up to co-creation.

Acts through three levers of commitment that inspire and federate : social design, know-how and artistic signature.

Relies on its “Slowlab“, an integrated laboratory of reflections, research and experimentation around all the themes covered by the label, in order to explore, open the field of possibilities and develop more innovative, sustainable and human new business models.

Broderie Elise

Ecodesign :
Ecodesign is an innovative approach allowing companies to integrate environmental criteria from the product (or good or service) design phase with a view to reducing its impact throughout its life cycle (from the extraction of raw materials to the end of life).(source : ecoconception.oree.org)

Design, n. m. :
Intellectual creative, multidisciplinary and  humanist process, aiming to deal with and give solutions to big or small problems of everyday in matters of economical, social and environmental issues. (source : AFD)

Textile :
Animal, vegetal or mineral material that can be woven (source : CNRTL).

Garment :
Everything that is used to cover the human body for his protection (source : Larousse).

Textile is, by essence, a material resulting of links created between fibers.

Weaving and design give textile a protective function for bodies, things, living places.

But is also becomes a means to communicate cultural, social and communitarian messages,
being the witness of an era, artistic medium, vehicle of protest and claims.