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Logo Sakina Msa

Parisian designer, engaged citizen, settled in Goutte d’Or district since 2004, Sakina M’sa is anchoring her brand on an economic model that is enriched by the hybridization between fashion and sustainable development.

Today, the collection Sakina M’Sa is made with prestigious fabric, recycled from famous fashion houses.

The second line, named “Blue Line” has been developed with a blend of recycled dungarees.

Atelier Bartavelle Logo

Atelier Bartavelle is a creative studio and a clothing brand, settled between Paris and Marseille.

Its inspiration is linked to the South and the Mediterranean sea for its lights, its contrasting atmosphere and its color schemes.

The studio works on elaborating cross-cutting engaged creative projects.

Eva Zingoni Logo

Born in Buenos Aires, with an Italo-Argentin nationality, Eva Zingoni lived in Madrid and Turin before settling in Paris where she lives since 18 years. After designing studies in Studio Bercot then in IFM, she worked during 10 years in luxury field.

With her eponym brand, created in 2010, she uses textile falls from fashion houses to produce very limited series of women collections made in France.

Logo POP

Located in North of France in Roubaix, P.O.P creates her collections in making a point of honor to rely on the French textile heritage.

P.O.P works with a voluntarily restricted network of suppliers, where sincerity and mutual respect play an essential role in the collaboration.

The exclusive garments and accessories collections are mixing unique pieces and numbered series and are realized in qualitative French materials, worked in straight, contemporary and casual lines.

Les Récupérables Logo

Les Récupérables, is an environmentally friendly brand that follows the principles of upcycling/reuse and is part of the social and solidary economy.

The very limited creation series are made from textile collected from several resource centers in Ile-de-France and by its partners : Le Relais and Emmaus.

The manufacturing is made by social integration or small Parisian workshops.

Logo Noémie Devime

Noémie Devime creates high-end, engaged carftwork ladies clothing, between unique pieces and numbered series of garments.

The slow fashion manufacturing way saves textile heritages from world communities while promoting innovation. The cutting is minimalist and simple in qualitative natural fabrics.

Image-garments are also shown during happenings. They are not commercialized but have an artistic and federative vocation.

Chaussettes orphelines Marcia de Carvalho Logo
Initiated by the designer Marcia de Carvalho, knitwear specialist, the clothes and accessories lines of Chaussettes Orphelines (Orphan Socks) are knitted in France with recycled yarn, from collection of socks and woolen scraps.

Conceived in the rules of the circular economy, embellished with noble and natural materials, such as pure wool and Mohair, and imprinted with social values, the Chaussettes Orphelines (Orphan Socks) collections are innovative, creative, soft and warm.

Logo Hummade

Hummade is a revue that is entirely dedicated to slow-wear and art-wear. It was born from the will to take another look on the garment in mixing ethics and aesthetics, societal and artistic impact.

The editorial team of Hummade thus creates written and photographic contents whose subjects are the makers and designers who stand up for this engaged and human notion of the garment, around the big issues of responsible fashion today.

Everything starts from the raw textile material : the thread. It is with it that Elise Redel aka G I S E L E, stylist by training, chose to create and transmit her emotions. Embroidery as an artistic expression to tell her world has naturally imposed itself on her. Indeed since several years G I S E L E is fascinated  by this ancestral technique that she approaches in a very contemporary way.

Far from figurative embroidered motifs, this passionate of the  nineteenth century romantic movement, creates her embroidery as abstract paintings. It’s the gesture of embroidering that guides her. Soft and contemplative inspirational embroideries emerge that encourage dreaming, evasion and evoke mineral and organic elements.

Les Résilientes new Logo
Les Résilientes is a studio that aims to develop a sustainable redesign activity through a training and social integration program in the heart of the sorting center Emmaus Alternatives in Montreuil (Paris area).

The project Les Resilientes link design, social integration and recycling to create collections of unique objects, made in series from resources destined for the dumpster.

Chute Solutions en upcycling textile

Majdouline Sbai, a sociologist specialized in environment, created Chute : a platform of textile up-cycling solutions for textile companies and waste collection organizations.

This company offers concrete solutions thanks to collaborations with designers and together holds action research projects to find solutions to build a more ethical fashion today and to put the textile sector at the service of sustainable local development.

Claire Dartigues logo small
Back from New York in 2018, the designer Claire Dartigues, creates her brand with the aim to put human and sustainability in the center of creation.

The core of her creative process is to give a second life to second hand materials. the brand is made of 3 lines : « Nouveau Paris », a collection of bags that can be turned into capes, a ready to wear collection mainly based on upcycling and a « Artwear » collection that values garments in considering them art artworks.

Named after her creator, the brand Coralie Prevert was launched in Florence. it is a universe of unexpected prints with vibrant colors and contemporary patterns.

The capital of Renaissance inspires her passion for the decorative arts, the love of nice material and the respect of tradition.

It is a world allowing the meeting of roots and travels, harmonies and extravagances, forms and words.

La Petite Mort Logo
La Petite Mort (slow death) is a young street-wear brand  that merges contemporary urban codes with Andean textile heritage, while working on minimizing the environmental impact of fashion.

Beyond that, La Petite Mort is an introspective travel. Though its mixed pieces that combine the refinement of natural fibers with a minimalist style, each collection has a story to tell,…

Marie Labarelle Logo
Former architect, Marie Labarelle launched her women garments brand in Paris in 2005. With the conviction that she could better  express her dreams in being directly connected with textile, body and landscape, she set the basis of a wandering creativity.

During her trips she searches for singular and resilient fabrics that she ennobles herself, using non-polluting natural dyes made of plants.

Her love for fabric and the huge attention she gives it drove her to invent a range of “zero waste” dress forms that necessitate a minimum cut and without any loss.

Minirine Logo

Created by Marine Bigo, Minirine is an “urban sporty” and “artwear” clothing brand, made in Roubaix. The raw materials (recycled polyester yarn) comes from Italy and Holland and are printed in Roubaix with water-based inks.

The upcycling concept is made naturally in the workshop : the falls of each printed fabric are gathered so that they can be reused on accessories or patched on larger pieces.

Minirine’s mantra :
Make your body a support for moving art. Everywhere at anytime …

Fashion as a form of art, the work of leather as passion, that’s the meaning of NaSoNgo., Sonja Göggelmann is the founder of this young leather line of bags and accessories, based between Paris and Munich, in a pure slow wear and short circuit.

The creator, designer of leather, manufactures all her pieces herself in her Montreuil workshop, from different types of leather that she selects rigorously, either in Italy from local producers or by hiring in resource centers such as La Réserve des Arts in Pantin (93). All the pieces are unique or made in very small series.

Paria Studio Logo
With a great respect of the know-how and the sense of the detail, PARIA studio, created in 2016 by Morgan Levy, frees itself from the trends, the seasons and proposes essential clothes with clean lines.

Attached to the perfection of materials, cuts and colors, PARIA studio is inspired by everyday life to imagine each piece with style and humor. The new collections are complementary to the previous ones.

From collaborative experimentations, PARIA studio gives meaning to the garment following its manifesto. PARIA studio dares to take time. Time to imagine, to select the best materials, to meet the best craftsmen, to commit to a fair production, the time to create.

Side Project Logo
SIDE PROJECT is a collaborative lifestyle brand highlighting the art and craftsmanship of many fashion and design professionals already involved in other artistic projects.

SIDE PROJECT focuses on a particular aspect of their know-how and lets their creativity express itself in the service of a common aesthetic vision.

Focused around a women’s ready-to-wear line, SIDE PROJECT offers a varied creative universe that unfolds from jewel to object design. Simple and elegant lines, noble materials and an ethical and responsible production, SIDE PROJECT frees itself from the tendencies to propose a timeless cloakroom through iconic pieces.

Super Marché was born from the desire to use already existing clothes to offer a modern cloakroom made in benevolent working conditions.

The brand is upcycling through the recovery and transformation of already existing garments. The result is unique pieces for men and women, designed to get style, be comfortable, convenient and qualitative.

The garments are manufactured in sewing workshops that provide professional insertion in Paris and Saint-Denis.

TAMAT Créations Logo
“TAMAT”, which means “woman” in Tamasheq language, is a solidarity-based and fair project promoted by Melissa Wainhouse, aimed at enhancing the traditional know-how of tanning and leather painting of Touarègues women refugees in Burkina Faso.

From these painted leathers, the designer hand-makes bags, accessories and jewels in her workshop of Montreuil.

Melissa Wainhouse comes from the theater world and did split her time between France and Mali between 2005 and 2014 by investing in artistic creation projects. With TAMAT Creations, she wants to continue to build relationships and build bridges across borders.

Umoja shoes logo
Umòja, which stands for “unity” in Swahili, is a shoe brand that combines tradition, modernity and innovation while enhancing African textile crafts with respect for the environment.

The brand uses 100% natural and innovative materials hand-crafted by small artisan cooperatives based in several countries in Africa to create aesthetic, singular, cultural and artistic sneakers.

Short circuit, transparency, craftsmanship, adventure, solidarity, environment are at the heart of Umòja’s approach.

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