Logo Sloweare

The platform SLOWEARE is dedicated to all those who want to reinvent their wardrobe by favoring fashion brands that are as sustainable as desirable.

It is a new generation of media featured with a digital communication agency that federates a community of consum’actors.

SLOWEARE promotes environmentally friendly fashion stakeholders (retailers, brands, designers) by making them more visible, mainly on the web and provides them with the benefits of a highly qualified network, allowing them to develop their activity.


HubMODE is a MOOC platform specialized in fashion and textile that relies ona team of 30 expert trainers and CEOs.

Each year, HubMode organizes the FashionTechDays, 2 days of meetings between innovative start-up and large fashion groups.

Anchored in North of France with tight links with Belgium, UK and Paris, HubMODE is part of NORDCREA , a non profit that gathers innovative and sustainable fashion and textile of the Hauts-de-France region.


After several years of serial shopping it was about time to step back for the fashion driven Stephanie, who would like her wardrobe to make sense and for the pieces it is constituated of to have a story to tell.

And well-timed, Stephanie found exactly nice stories with this more respectful fashion.

She tells these stories on The New Wardrobe, with presentations of designers, boutiques, initiatives, all working for a more sustainable fashion.

dreamact logo

Dream Act is the web platform for responsible consumption.
It is a place of information, geolocation of the best responsible addresses and an e-shop to buy products from engaged designers and brands.

For young ethical brands, Dream Act offers a selling place that highlights their values, their history and their environmental and social engagement in full transparency.

Dream Act’s belief : “Citizen have the power to act daily for a more ethical, sustainable and solidarian world. Let’s help them to achieve this approach to make responsible consumption a normal way of living.”

La fabrique Idéale Logo 2017

La Fabrique Ideale aims to lead the general public to sartorial autonomy.

Its objective is to create a third place for fashion : « the Fab-shop »,where everybody will be able to get responsible fashion services, based on the  service economy model (peer-to-peer services) : tailored co-creation, garments and accessories  renting or transformation, understanding the principles of social and solidarian economy, climate change, learn to preserve and repair one’s wardrobe.

Anne Créa Conseils Logo

The story of a passion for the material… Textile, Human.

Anne Isambert, creator of Anne Crea Conseils, is an expert in textile research and development.

Her purpose is to offer materials of exception yet respectful of Mankind and of the Planet. As much as possible, she integrates sustainable development in the creative process. She operates with respect for people who are “makers”.

At the crossroads of creative works, being engaged in the preservation of know-how, Anne Isambert wants to contribute to the transformation of French and European textile industry.


Mylene L’Orguilloux, model maker specialized in CAO (Computer AIded Design) systems, initiated MILAN AV-JC in November 2016, a R&D project which aims to make designers/model makers of today and tomorrow aware of the interest of  “Zero Waste Fashion Design”.

 MILAN AV-JC analyses and questions the conventional creative processes in textile, probes the potential of digital tools dedicated to ecodesign, tries out  and suggests design solutions that are more ecological, through the animation of workshops in Fab-lab.

 The project is in a collaborative dynamic based on the sharing of know-how and information.

Bureau Badass Logo

Created by two free artistic directors – Lucile and Sarah – Bureau Badass is a creative agency that imagines and realizes experiences and images.
By putting their expertise and creativity at the service of their customers it gives them an opportunity to promote strong values for intelligent fashion, a relationship with the liberated body and respect for our planet.

Géraldine Tubéry

After a career in contemporary art, Geraldine Tubery is now a textile designer. She creates collections of motifs with a predilection for the world of outdoor and decoration.

Highly sensitive to scrap, margins, edges, low-tech and hand work, she develops, in parallel, a work of material research and development of products from textile waste, within the creation  studio The Resilient X Emmaus Alternatives.

Charlène Romao – eco fair vegan fashion

After having worked as a designer in a variety of structures and completing a master thesis on vegan alternatives to leather, Charlene Romao works as a consultant in vegan leather goods and footwear.

She now multiplies projects that combine aesthetics with human, animal and environmental ethics in the fashion world.

Aurélie Damon artiste plasticienne

Aurélie Damon is a visual artist. Her graphic universe draws inspiration from the materials, shapes and colors she collects. Her drawings, elements with colorful patterns evoking plants, organic and architecture, unfold and are composed in a space like a print at the digital pace.

She is the creator of the QUIELA device, digital fresco created and augmented by a participatory photomontage for professional and private events. Today, she also wants to open and develop her fields of action in the textile world and collaborate on innovative creative projects.

Logo Baamshi

BAAMSHI is an association who aims to act in the preservation and transmission of craftsmanship around the world.

The project was born at the crossroads of 3 favorites : travel, human encounter and beautiful objects.

The BAAMSHI team produces, among other things, photo and video reports aimed at promoting know-how from here and elsewhere.

PandC Partners Logo

P&C PARTNERS is a Fashion consulting agency whose objective is to support the image and marketing development of brands on the European market.
Its showroom is located in the second district of Paris.

Nous sommes le futur Logo

Founded by David Amar in 2010, Sommes Le Futur is a visionary agency that has chosen to engage in the design and implementation of positive impact strategies to achieve the most ambitious goals of our time :

  • Regenerate economic, ecological and social ecosystems
  • Honor Women and Men who operate these ecosystems
  • Celebrate Beauty and Life