4 months have gone since the official launch of the Label Une Autre Mode Est Possible,
4 intense months of meetings, approaches and new ideas.

4 months that have empirically reinforced us in our burning desire to act and think collectively to simply bring together the creative stories of each other.
Last week, we were honored to announce the entry of our 5 first members into the UAMEP Label, their talent and essence of projects are a perfect summary of what we want to bring : About A Worker, Coralie Prévert, La Petite Mort, Marie Labarelle and Super Marché.

Anchored in contemporary and independent textile creation, these exciting brands share a committed, alternative and artistic approach. The creators also join to enrich the label by their singularities: Coralie Prevert’s Art Deco and linguist prints, Marie Labarelle’s poetic, architectural and “zero waste” lines, the simple upcycling and solidarity of Super Marché, the solar street wear of La Petite Mort or the social and intercultural dimension of About A Worker giving the creative voice to textile workers.

We also have a particular thought for the creators that we decided not to integrate at the moment in the Label despite their great qualities, because we judged the approach was premature, or because their artistic direction is different from ours. But it is also thanks to them and to the rich exchanges that we had together that we grow each day around a clear artistic signature which is constantly nourished by diversity.

Indeed, we impose ourselves the requirement to make choices (“Not that easy”),in the strict respect of our chart and our artistic directions. UAMEP is going step by step, always favoring less but better, quality above quantity. In 2018 we’ll continue the actions we have initiated : speaking out, collective afterworks, cross shooting dedicated to creation, taking each other’s rhythm into account. Concrete creative projects, such as the launch of trend books and the academy that will back nascent talents, are initiated and will take necessary time to blossom.

Happy year to all, and let 2018 be a year of harvest for the young alternative and conscious creation.